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Contact Our Healthcare Consulting Team

We are ready to lead you and your team into the future of an increased bottom line through dramatically improved rural hospital operations. Contact us for more information on how RHS Leadership can help you:

  1. Dramatically increase your ambulatory care volume and revenue with an organized comprehensive care coordination program that can add millions to your bottom line.

  2. Enhance/provide recruitment, leadership/provider/nurse staffing and retention initiatives.

  3. Increase hospital revenue with recruitment of aligned surgeons who want to grow their practice at your hospital, add low complexity dialysis to retain your patient community, and enhance your 340-B program despite reductions in current payments.  

  4. Determine if Rural Emergency Hospital conversion is right for you. 

  5. Develop additional service capabilities, including specialty,  outpatient clinic, as well as virtual, behavioral and substance abuse health programs. 

  6. Obtain the latest grants designed to improve organizational maturity in managing their business units with a Balrdridge framework program and supporting analytics.  


For more information, call us at (800) 901- 7889. 

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Rural Health Solutions

100 Pine Street, Suite 1250

San Francisco, CA 94111

@ Rural Health Solutions

Business Phone: 800-901-7889


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