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Client Case Study:
Specialty Telehealth


Memorial Hospital was faced with increasing costs and decreasing volumes. Many of their patients had to be referred to specialty centers 50 miles away. Despite numerous recruitment efforts and above market compensation models, they were unsuccessful in recruiting and retaining their key specialty provider needs.


RHS provided strategic direction and prioritized recommendations to make a difference in how they were able to serve their communities more effectively.  RHS was able to introduce their afterhours urgent care as well as provide specialty-based telehealth systems and providers to improve access for behavioral health, cardiology, pulmonary, and nephrology specialists.


Memorial Hospital saw their urgent care and specialty volumes increase by 200% and their provider revenue increase by 15% despite the added provider costs. Memorial’s CEO said, “RHS' specialty telehealth solution and their RHS providers were a game changer for us. They were able to fill our key specialist needs and were able to add after hours urgent care quickly and efficiently. We are proud to be partners with RHS.”

Hospital Staff
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